“The Challenge
Benchmark was looking for a way of promoting its training services to a range of clients in the public and commercial sectors. Traditional postal and email shot campaigns had produced poor results.

The Solution
The Nell Creative team worked closely with us to review a range of options for campaigns based around digital social media. Their recommended solution was a campaign based around a new website, an enhanced presence on LinkedIn followed by a series of targeted LinkedIn advertisement campaign. The aim of the campaign was to attract traffic to the new website.

Once we had agreed the solution Nell Creative produced a comprehensive marketing plan and guided us through the use of social media as a marketing tool, an area in which we had little experience. They were extremely responsive to our needs during the development of the marketing campaign and the result was a truly collaborative effort. They are a great team to work with and offer a wide range of skills that complements their overall expertise in digital marketing. These include print design and copywriting.

The Result
The campaign is about to be launched on time and within the agreed budget. Although we will not be able to assess the full impact for another three months I am very happy with the coherent and cost-effective solution that Nell Creative has developed for us.”

Stephen Tofts, Director
Benchmark Training & Development