support since 2003

Since 2003 I have worked with individuals and small businesses providing digital services and I love it…!

Chances are you are inspired by the business you run. To make a living out of something for yourself you have to be interested in it.

When I start to work with you I ask lots and lots of questions. I want to know about you and your experience. As a small company it is mostly you and therefore your identity and engagement needs to represent you.

All big brands, campaigns and advertising boils down to one thing. Engagement. To get you to take notice but also to actually engage with their audience. Your business is no different. You need to engage with your audience through fresh rich content and key messages that they can relate to and that are interesting to read.

what sets me apart?

+ I’ve been where you are
Being in business is a huge learning curve; I should know. I will guide you on where to focus your time, vital external help and the importance of “getting your house in order”.

+ I’m passionate about what I do
While design is of personal interest to me; I love the arts, interiors, architecture etc I am also a bit of a CSS/HTML techie. Combining design + technology in my work makes me happy; sad but true.

+ I don’t stop at design
I also do a lot of marketing and business support too. Asking the right questions, we look to your end goal and create a clear plan of how to reach it.

when the mac is off…

+ I keep fit doing HIIT, Modern Jive and West Coast Swing

+ I’m a happy camper and a music lover = avid festival goer

+ I’m sociable and believe in the value of community

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