support since 2003

Since 2003 I have worked with individuals and small businesses providing digital services and I love it…!

I work with a number of “visual” businesses to get their marketing right; such as interior designers, flooring specialists, kitchen & bathroom companies, painting & decorating and beauty salons. I  also help IT & telecoms companies, education suppliers & trade associations, charities and security specialists.

what sets me apart?

+ I’ve been where you are
Being in business is a huge learning curve; I should know. I will guide you on where to focus your time, vital external help and the importance of “getting your house in order”.

+ I’m passionate about what I do
While design is of personal interest to me; I love the arts, interiors, architecture etc I am also a bit of a CSS/HTML techie. Combining design + technology in my work makes me happy; sad but true.

+ I don’t stop at design
I also do a lot of marketing and business support too. Asking the right questions, we look to your end goal and create a clear plan of how to reach it.

when the mac is off…

+ I keep fit doing HIIT, Modern Jive and West Coast Swing

+ I’m a happy camper and a music lover = avid festival goer

+ I’m sociable and believe in the value of community

transform your business today

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