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Being in business is all about relationships, building them and maintaining them.

When you work hard to get your marketing all setup, if you just leave it there doing nothing, it will become stagnant. Just like if you let your business relationships trundle along. They might be OK for a while but eventually they will fade away.

Ongoing marketing for any business, whatever size, is vital. Often small businesses don’t put a budget aside for this and think they can manage it all themselves. With the best will in the world, sometimes you need some help.

By retaining my time per month I can give you that support. You commit to me and I commit to you for an agreed period. With a competitive set daily rate, you know where you are and I can allocate time into my diary to give you the attention you need.

After the agreed period we can touch base to review where we are and take it from there.

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planning & setup

Whatever your idea or business I can help refine this, create a marketing plan and direct on how best to execute this. I can also setup your marketing tools (identity, website, stationery etc).


If time is limited I can support you to ensure your plan gets carried out. This is an ongoing process and we would agree a timescale and budget per month.


Increased hits
Increased enquiries
Increased sales

I can analyse your data and report on my findings. This will give us a benchmark to help plan for next year.

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